WCV – From Pillage to Village – A journey of self doubt and self discovery

Delighted to become Vice Chair of Small Charities Coalition.

I need to say, at this quite surreal and momentous occasion (for me) never let self doubt stop you from aspiring to reach higher than you think* you deserve.

8 years ago with no qualifications and no experience, I was pushed into a world that didn’t look like me and didn’t make it easy for me to be there, to fight for the rights of Croydon Riot victims.

They were crushed and overwhelmed, for the 9 shop owners, losing their livelihoods, for 40 odd tenants and leaseholders, losing everything they owned in that fire.

It took almost 4 years to finally get a resolution, those years full of grief, setbacks, adversity, frustration at the process, but in the end a steep learning curve that showed me, that if you set your mind to anything, it can be done.

The West Croydon Voice campaign did achieve the compensation from MOPAC and today 6 of the 9 buildings destroyed in the picture below have been rebuilt.

I also, as WCV, campaigned successfully for the area to be renamed BroadGreen Village, as it had been known before to locals, to try to bring the community together.

Today I’m taking time to reflect on my journey, from the moment I watched the rioters set fire to my building (crystal clean) to this moment.

It’s an honour to become Vice Chair of Small Charities Coalition.

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