As a campaigner I founded West Croydon Voice, after my family business was burned down by rioters in the 2011 riots, lobbying at the highest levels for compensation for the Riot Victims, taking part in media interviews in papers and on tv and this led to me becoming involved in building relationships at a strategic level between local government, police, charities, business and community and in finding ways to tackle serious youth violence.

West Croydon Voice was also behind the 4 year successful campaign to rename the Riot devastated area of London Road, Croydon to Historic Broad Green Village, with new street signs and banners funded by local councillors.

I  was chosen to be part of the GLA  civic future programme for community leaders across london who are embedded in their communities, because of my community activism and experience post riots in croydon. I’m also part of the core learning group on the Sheila Mckechnie Foundation Power sharing project.

I bring  a unique perspective on the nonprofit sector, having followed an unusual and difficult but ultimately successful, route to becoming a charity trustee. Having graduated from the university of life, my lived experience sits at the core of my common sense approach to everything I am involved in.

Being adept at building relationships, sustaining collaborative partnerships and delivering projects with the nonprofit and private sector has been behind the successful collaborations with UK Fully Focused and Riot From Wrong and the Terriers Tour with the Royal Liverpool Court Theatre.
I was instrumental in getting Terriers and Eve’s Story, both plays written by Maurice Bessman, to Croydon, in 2018, where it was seen by 1200 school kids and a cross section of business, council, community and police. By engaging various influential stakeholders, I was able to bring Terriers Tour to the heart of London in 2019, to The Old Bailey and then to City Hall, where the play was seen by key decision makers, including the Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, Sophie Linden and Lib Peck, of the GLA Youth Violence Reduction Unit.

I am Vice Chair of the Asian Resource Centre Croydon, trustee for the Sheila Mckeknie Foundation and former Chair of the Small Charities Coalition.

I sit on the steering group of the Broad Green Big Local, the IAG for Crystal Palace Football club, the Manju Shahul Hameed Mental Health Charity committee and the Mayor of Croydon’s Fundraising committee.

My former roles also include, trustee of Age UK Croydon, school governor and member of the stop and search community monitoring group and have previously been Director of Fundraising for Humanity First, an international disaster relief charity.

I also enjoy my voluntary role at the Mosque, conducting visitor tours, mainly school groups, for the last 14 years and I formed the Ladies Association of Morden to empower women from my faith community to become more integrated, through seminars and organising visits for them to Parliament.

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West Croydon Voice | Post Riots Community Activist